Directions for use NanoVein

NanoVein it is offered in the form of gel and capsules, it is used for the treatment of varicose veins, thrombosis, associated with the devil. A high-efficiency, ease-of – use of its main benefits.

NanoVein that is used for the treatment of varicose veins, thrombosis, and related diseases

Instructions for use

The therapeutic complex is of the varicose veins NanoVein it has a complex activity. The capsules are for oral administration. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels, returning them to the stretch, battling with the discomfort to be. Gel for external use it relieves, the swelling of the tissues, restore blood flow, when its continued use, it removes the feeling of heaviness in the limbs.

The shower gel and capsules NanoVein it shows the following symptoms of venous insufficiency:

  • the pain in the legs;
  • the vascular loop;
  • completion of the vienna-us, the green shoots;
  • the sensation of constant gravity.
  • the swelling of the tissues.

The drug is safe, to use need it for evidence or as a preventive measure. If you spend a lot of time on the feet, actively working out, then you protect yourself against varicose veins, as possible, with the help of such formulas.

The composition NanoVein

The Gel NanoVein it includes the following natural ingredients:

  • nutmeg;
  • the chestnut-of-india
  • alicina;
  • for the lycopene.

The composition of these capsules is the following:

  • elastin;
  • esculin;
  • rutin;
  • the chestnut-of-india
  • black pepper;
  • the collagen from the marine.

If you use either of these tools to the complex, by following the instructions for using the components to one another. It provides a synergistic effect, it comes to quick relief.

Contra-indications, side-effects

The tool has almost no absolute contra-indications. It is not possible to use it only for patients with an intolerance of the components of the composition. The capsules and the gel is well-tolerated by the body. In rare cases, there may be a local reaction – skin rash, itching of the skin. Before you first use it, it's worth it to do a test, causing a small amount of the gel on a piece of leather. If the reaction has not been followed, then you can use the drug in accordance with the instruction manual.

The rules for the admission of

In the detailed description of the drug, and what was in the package, there is no information on how to use the gel and tablets. The tool is for external use is applied on the entire surface of your feet in gentle circular motions, morning and / or evening. The gel does not leave the fatty acids and the trace on the garment, so you can use it before you go out on the street, or before you go to bed. The pills also take it twice a day, one at a time, with a sufficient amount of water. The treatment lasts for one month, the improvement is noticeable already in the first 3-4 days after initiation of therapy.

Efficiency NanoVein

The drug NanoVein appears we are in Bulgaria, over-the-counter. It can be bought in a pharmacy or in a shop. The tool has proven to be effective. The studies, tests and trials indicate that, in the aftermath of months of a course on the application of the gel and capsules NanoVein 94% of the patients perceived a positive trend. It can also be used to prevent venous insufficiency, and the consequences of this disease. The use of an integrated tool for both indoor and outdoor use allows you to minimize the risk of complications, and surgical intervention. It will take time to get to the point.